thrift tips: goo be gone

chrissyglover Dear Value Village, I've a bone to pick with you!  Pstring the price sticker on the front of framed art?  Really?  Really? #thrifterproblems
chrissyglover Dear autocorrect, I've a bone to pick with you too...  *putting
lelo It never comes off!!
chrissyglover @lelo challenge accepted!!!
sofawned Hehe pussy willows.  Also, you need some Goo Gone!  Or whatever they call it... Gets all the stickies off.

goo gone is indeed a miracle product but being the cheapskate that i am i was determined to meet lelo's challenge and remove the offending sticky with something i had readily available in the house.


rubbing alcohol, that is.  i tucked a kitchen cloth just under the frame to prevent any run off liquid from getting underneath.  then i placed a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol directly on the glue.  honestly i meant to check on it after a few minutes but i got distracted watching SUPERNATURAL and forget to check for an hour.  at that time, though, it wiped clean off.  clean off.

alcohol.  good for so many things.