thrift tips: making costume jewellery sparkle

is "costume" jewellery still a thing?  is there another less antiquated term for "fake" that i should be using?  or maybe i'll just bring it back.  costume jewellery it is.

when you are paying a quarter for a piece of jewellery (THRIFTERS UNITE!) the shiny factor may not be up to par.  here is a quick and easy way to clean and shine your faux accessories.

  • a bowl
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • boiling water
  • a rag
  • a mug and teabag

add the pieces you want cleaned to a bowl and cover with baking soda.  when the water is boiled add it to the bowl where it will start bubbling and foaming.  right away add about half the amount of water you poured in vinegar (does that sentence make sense?) to the bowl.  again, foaming and bubbling.  pretty cool.

use the leftover hot water to make a cup of tea which you can sit and enjoy while the bubbles do their work.

when the bubbles have stopped and the water is cool enough to reach into, retrieve your jewellery and use a rag to wipe them off and polish.  feel free to grimace at the black marks that will appear on your rag.  marvel at the new shine of your beloved necklaces, brooches and things.