a few thoughts on the art of the capsule collection after the great purge of january...

>having made thoughtful purchasing decisions through fall and winter made things much simplier when paring down and planning for spring purchasing plans.  neutral palettes in classic solids and stripes mean that adding brighter pieces like THIS will actually work across the board and make mixing and matching easier.

>i actually started hanging pieces already layered on hangers to save closet space but i have found that it has saved a ton of time as well.  having pre-planned "outfits" doesn't mean that i cannot wear the sparkly dog with the sherpa vest if i want to but should i not feel creative and experimental that particular day i know that the black blazer is a safe bet.
>i currently have 39 hangers in use in my closet.  39!  if i were to use each hanger with a layered outfit that would mean 78 items of clothing.  78!  on the plus side that would mean no laundry for eleven weeks.  11 weeks! or nearly 3 months.  that's almost an entire season.  and that is WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES for one person.  i challenge myself to narrow it down to fifteen hangers.  that sounds much more reasonable.

>i am going to continue to do laundry only once a week because i have noticed it really helps to see what is left hanging unworn at the end of the week.  plus, laundry once a week leaves so much more time for things like netflix and... more netflix.  don't judge me, it's january.

any tips or tricks you can share?  i will be tackling bottoms next - so much denim, you guys.  so much denim.