my sincerest apologies for the terrible wordplay in the title.  it's been much too long since i have been able to share a THRIFT post and i guess i just had that one in my unused bag 'o puns.  sorry.

each year my mum and i make it a date to attend the bazaar hosted by the local senior's community center.  it has never failed us in the past and this year was no different.  tables and tables of the good stuff... costume jewelry, well cared for housewares, books, plants, baked goods (hello, zucchini bread!) and other miscellaneous bits of awesome.

case in point, the handmade bunnies pictured above.  cutey cutey cute cute.
i have also shared in photos the two little plant pots on the left i chose to bring home - along with five new plants, but of course.  not pictured are the other boring bits i got at really good prices, like the new-to-me salad spinner.  unless you want to see a picture of my salad spinner?  i don't now... thoughts on that?

all my planters in the living area are a thrifted collection of white but in the bedroom i seem to have a seventies thing happening.  although i like the brown copper pot on the left i absolutely love the little handmade looking piece in the center.
always a great day and this year it was made better when i (quite literally) ran into my aunt with my bundle buggy.  a nice surprise to spend the morning with her.  and yes, i took my bundle buggy with me.  my mum laughed at first... until she bought the world's largest wine glass.  who's the smart one now?

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