a post about bras

a long time ago there existed the most amazingest magazine ever published in all time.  ever.  
that magazine was 'domino'.
i remember being inspired by a quote that appeared on the side of one issue;

"have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."
- william morris
every so often i will remember this quote and once again feel inspired to tear through the house, piece by piece, little by little, drawer by drawer and closet by closet, analyzing items to see if they fit the criteria.  {and driving poor brian crazy in the process.} 

if they do not fit the criteria, peace out broken radio.  see ya, ugly coffee mug.

inspired again and again by the quote i have been faithfully following 'the william morris project' over at pancakes and french fries.  i chose to accept jules' challenge and tackled a project.

the dreaded underwear drawer.

a small project, yes, but one put off for much too long.  {we're talking years here, people.}

i tried to be ruthless.  anything with the wrong size... gone.  rips, tears, stains... later.  anything that couldn't be worn under a basic white t-shirt without leaving weird lumps, bumps, or strange seams... out.

i wondered at the memories a simple piece of lingerie could hold.  pieces purchased for specific outfits to be worn to memorable occasions.  others bought because they were "pretty".  parts of sets, gifts, snagged at clothing swaps in hopes they would fit.  i smiled at the girl who could justify such purchases.

but she is a different person now.  she is me and i like to put on a bra and some panties in the morning and not think about it for the rest of the day.  call me crazy.

i am now left with a well organized drawer of items in good condition and practical. 

i think i will leave the "items i believe to be beautiful" for my walls.  and my feet.