this is a story to illustrate being a mama, as i understand it.

brian found a dog stuffy that he thought might be a cute friend for lola.  we were prepared for either hilarity or a quick moment in which she would be scared and we would remove the offending stuffy and leave it be.

what we got instead was a very curious little girl who first had the world's longest stare down with the stuffy before biting it on the ear and letting it know who was boss.  {with the two of us humans silently laughing our faces off in the meantime}. 

having established dominance, our little girl began to one by one remove her block toys from the area so that her new friend/baby/frenemy could not play with them.  i calmly explained that this behaviour was rude and that she should share.  {keeping a straight face in those situations is hard, yo.}

after a moment's thought our lola hopped over to her favorite carrot rattle toy - thus far only shared with her daddy, never mum - and gave it to the puppy.  cutest.  thing.  ever.
"quick, get a photo" brian said.

but i couldn't.

because i was biting my knuckle to keep from distracting her with my crying. my heart was melting.  my baby girl was being sweet and sharing.  i was so proud of her i was crying.  i was officially a crazy woman and i didn't care.

so in a matter of fleeting moments i had gone from seriously amused, patiently having a teaching moment and then watching her do something so good and pure that my heart filled so full that i thought it might pop out of my chest and i thought i could never love her more.

an hour later her stomach got upset and she had wet poos all over the rug.