who's afraid of agatha christie

have you ever noticed that the thrift store shelves tend to be stocked with the same items all the time? that is, until you are looking for those specific items.  {metal breadboxes anyone?  it took me forever to find one of those suckers once i started looking.  now that i have one, they are eh-ver-ee-where.}

time after time i found myself staring at stacks of agatha christie novels on thrift store shelves.  i figured they had found their way there via little old ladies.  i mean, who else would be reading ms. christie?

but everyone should be.

i don't know why i feared her work so much.  perhaps i thought they would be a bit... dry?  flowery?  i was mistaken.

granted, i have only read a few so far but i have found the plots are well paced, the sets and characters described with just enough words that your imagination can make the most of the story and there is the perfect mix of the darkness of human nature mixed with subtle humour.  timeless, like shakespeare minus the elizabethan.

so of course, now that i want more the shelves are empty.  my paperback breadbox.