it ain't easy

top, reitmans//denim, calvin klein snagged at a clothing swap//flats, ardene//ring, random yard sale//bag, jules & james
do you know how hard it is to photograph someone sitting down without it looking like they are pooping?  it totally is.

this photo is actually an outtake of some awful photos we took during a play photo session on saturday afternoon after running errands and generally enjoying the june sunshine. you should have seen some of the other shots... yikes.

besides the fact that i looked like i was moving my bowels i also started critiquing everything about myself... gosh, i need a haircut, is that really how my arms look?, what is that red mark on my neck?  on and on and on.  {"self", i said, "shut up!"}

fashion bloggers, i have a renewed respect for what you do.  'cause fashion bloggin' ain't easy, yo.

this post is linked with mandy at harper's happenings for steppin' out saturday because i fancy myself a fashion blogger now.