bright lips, for the win

something happened the other day that kinda changed my entire life.  i made it through a day wearing black twill pants with a navy blouse and nothing bad happened.  seriously, until i went ahead and wore those two colours together i always thought i was the kind of girl who would NEVER EVER wear those colours together.  but then i did and i didn't die and it made me think.

lately i have been admiring bright lips.  bright lipstick on pretty girls is such a classic but fresh updated look.  i admired it but thought it was something i could never pull off.  i had become so comfortable in my "sex in the city/my lips are drooling" lip gloss slick that even though i realized the look was a little dated it was still MY THING and bright coloured lips were definitely not MY THING.

bright lips are a fresh look for summer.
bright lips look nice with all skin tones and hair colours.
bright lips are for fabulous girls.

i was out of excuses not to and so i challenged myself to wear a bright lip for a day.  and i did and i loved it and i felt confident and sexy and happy with a new look.    bravery, for the win.  it would appear i have a new THING.

what fashion looks scare you?  any looks you used to fear but now embrace?

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