things i'd rather be doing than scrubbing the washroom

  1. blogging
  2. watching 'doctor who'
  3. watching 'torchwood'
  4. watching 'tabitha's salon takeover'
  5. reading a new book
  6. reading a new issue of 'living etc.'
  7. re-reading a favorite book
  8. eating movie popcorn
  9. eating movie popcorn while watching 'harry potter'
  10. thrifting
  11. yardsaleing
  12. strolling through the flea market
  13. drinking iced coffee
  14. cooling my toes in the lake
  15. cooling my toes in a pool
  16. taking a cool shower
  17. taking a nap
  18. eating breakfast in the afternoon
  19. eating dessert for dinner
  20. dancing to the oldies station
 all sooo much better than scrubbing the washroom.