the 11 meme

i got tagged! 
kimberly of a night owl blog tagged me to participate in this 11 things meme.
...the rules
  1. post these rules.
  2. you must post 11 random things about yourself
  3. answer the questions set for you in the post you were tagged in
  4. create 11 new questions for your tagees to answer
  5. tag them on twitter, facebook or your blog

...11 random things about me
  1. my favorite station to have on in the house is 70's and 80's country.  the kendalls, waylon, willie, ronnie milsap, eddie rabbit, dolly parton and glen campbell make me happy.
  2. i have never attended a professional sporting event.  except for wrestling, but that is "sports entertainment".  i mean baseball, football, hockey...
  3. i can fold better and faster than 75 percent of humans on this planet.
  4. my favorite print magazine is the uk import 'living, etc' followed closely by 'anthology'.
  5. i can happily finish off a bag of movie popcorn to myself.  drowned in butter and ketchup dust.  yum!
  6. my bed is made of a frame, box spring and then two mattresses.  it is the 'princess and the pea' bed.
  7. each time i watch 'national lampoons' christmas vacation' and 'anchorman' i discover something new that makes me laugh.
  8. i don't know if i started thrifting because i have no money but now i know i have no money because i am addicted to thrifting.  fellow thrifters, do you feel me?
  9. no one should ever invite me to be their "neighbour" when online gaming because i become absolutely obsessed with the game and will blow up your inbox with nonsense.  do not open that pandora's box.
  10. i have been a 'recovering smoker' for one year and eight months.
  11. i wish i was able to get pumpkin pie year round.  actually, forget i said that.  then it wouldn't be as special in the fall-time.
 ...here are my  answers to kimberly's 11 questions

1. what band are you most embarrassed to have on your ipod or mp3 player?
i think i should be mostly embarrassed that i don't yet have either an ipod or mp3 player!  ;)

2. what is your favorite kind of food?
that one is easy... chinese!  brian doesn't care for it so it is something that i get to enjoy when i have a meal with friends or treat myself to a lunch out.  i love how it just keeps tasting better and better the longer the leftovers stay in the fridge... although in my fridge it's not very long at all.

3. dishes in your dishwasher: dirty or clean?
oh, dirty for sure.  i always tell myself that i should just give them a quick wash and right onto the drying rack but that's a big fail.

4. early bird or "night owl"?
um, neither?  i go to bed early and sleep in when i can.  i love sleep like i love bacon and tomato sandwiches.

5. where's your dream vacation spot?
i love camping and ontario has some really sweet provincial parks.  the perfect balance of leisure and "roughing it".

6. do you prefer text or a phone call?
if it is just information that needs to be relayed, text me!  if you want to have a conversation let's grab coffee and have a proper visit.

7. do you have a celebrity crush?
patrick warburton and greg grunberg.  if you know who they are without google then we are now besties.

8. team peeta or team gale?
can you believe i have only read the first book?  it's looking like things are going in peeta's favour but i have usually been drawn to the bad boy so..... team gale.

9. what are you afraid of?
BIRDS.  emphatically birds.

10. do you play any instruments {or used to}?
no.  i couldn't even master the spoons.

11. do you prefer books or movies?
books.  books.  books.  did i mention books?

...here are my 11 questions
  1. what is the story of your blog name?
  2. do you have a celebrity crush?
  3. what is your favorite fast food spot?
  4. what is your favorite holiday?
  5. are you a good public speaker?
  6. what is the first blog that you remember reading?
  7. if i were to give you $100 dollars to spend at one place would you choose target, starbucks or your favorite thrift store?
  8. do you have a favorite quote or motto?
  9. describe an outfit that makes you feel awesome.
  10. what is your biggest pet peeve?
  11. what makes you happy?  like, ridiculously happy.
for fun, i thought i would tag the five most recent gfc followers to this blog in hopes of getting to know them better.  but of course you are ALL invited to play along.

amber of the owl's den
audrey of the daily wyatt
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