hedgehog, right?

because my apartment mailbox is so small i have packages shipped to my mother's house.  this means that when i get visits with my mum i usually also get little surprise packages. 

this past evening with my mum did not disappoint!  i was honestly tickled to receive the cellphone cozy that i had won as part of the flex family arts giveaway.  the cozy was generously donated by chrissy {that's my name, too!} of whimsical poppysmic.  chrissy sweetly offered me a choice of colours and customization {both for size of my phone and cozy design} but i wanted the exact item pictured on her etsy shop page.  i mean, could it get any more perfect?  the inside is actually the same grey colour as the hedgehog stitching so you know that chrissy is all about the details, down to the adorable packaging and her sweet personal note.

"aww, look!"  my mother exclaimed  "a bunny - just in time for easter!"

in her defense she was drinking wine with her dinner.

my sincerest thanks to chrissy for sending me so many reasons to smile