favorite summer reads

COVET GARDEN - even though this is technically an online only read i still love it for its inspiration and the fact that it is shot and produced right here in my hometown of toronto.  it's somehow more real to me that way.
LIVING, ETC - a UK import and heftier in price for a magazine i still treat myself when i find it on the bookstore shelves.  it's just that good.
THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE (all titles) - the only time of year i actually buy and read fashion and beauty magazines.  they are jammed packed with images that have me dreaming of tweeds, pleathers, corduroy and lattes during the august heat.
DOMINO - long live the queen!  part magazine, part coffee table collector's item it is everything we have come to expect from the masters behind the once defunct publication.
PAPERBACKS - this choice may be kind of a cheat but it includes all those forgotten paperbacks found on the thrift store shelves.  musty and yellowed, some with strange titles and crazy covers, some covers art in themselves they are gems waiting to be discovered in the rough.  thrown into a bag, enjoyed on a patio or beach.  reading a novel can become a vacation in a vacation.

what are your favorite summer reads?  do you have go-to titles or love discovering new friends?