thrift - pedigree

it has taken me a bit to feature this happy fellow as part of my THRIFT collective.  the thing is, although he was technically purchased at a thrift store ("thrifted") and he was super cheap ringing in at a whopping one dollar, ninety-nine ("thrifty") he doesn't feel thrifted in that he was discovered in pristine condition, bubble wrapped in a non-damaged box.
he is of no determinable pedigree.  certainly not mid-century modern.  not shabby enough for shabby chic, not folksy enough for folk art, not kooky enough for kitsch, and not pre-loved enough to be "thrift".
but perhaps that is why he caught my eye and then my heart.  because it pained me that until then no one had bothered to love him enough to qualify as "pre-loved".  abandoned on that thrift store shelf no longer he now lives in my kitchen dispensing soap and holding sponges for this soft hearted crazy woman who falls in love with soap dispensing elephants.  he looks happy enough, right?