19 questions

1. find the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find the fourth sentence.  write down what it says.
"while the hewitts were hounded by the news-hungry journalists, the residents helped the police scour the neighbourhood and frogmen drained the canal."
- fifty years of coronation st. by tim randall

2. stretch your left arm out as far as you can.  what do you touch first?
the wall

3. what is the last thing you watched on tele?
i am going to answer with the last thing that iiiiiiii got to watch.  as in, sat down with a hot drink and paid attention to from start to end.  not whatever sporting event was on in the background being watched by brian while i puttered around. 

'the secret circle'.

4. without looking, guess what time it is.

5. now look at the clock.  what is the actual time?
holy crap!  four on the dot.  magic!

6. with the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
an aforementioned sporting event... football?

7. when did you last step outside?  what were you doing?
i was last outside yesterday.  and during a cold weather alert so i was fuh-reezing.  really, i was meeting jenn for sustenance and mischief.  {coffee and shopping}.

8. what are you wearing?
blue campus crew slippers, grey campus crew sweats, thrifted grey and blue striped long sleeve {sooooo... pajamas?}

9. did you dream last night?
i don't think so.

10. when did you last laugh?
i caught some george carlin stand up last night that had me lolling.

11. what is on the walls of the room you are in?
oversized elvis picture, oversized mirror, boring generic off-white rental paint

12. seen anything weird lately?
not so much weird as confusing... a 16 piece dish set with a shelf tag of $29.99 and a clearance sticker of $40.00 with an in-store promo poster of 20% off clearance dishes. huh?

13. what do you think of this quiz?
some questions are certainly more entertaining than others.  accordingly, i would imagine some answers are more interesting than others.

14. what is the last film you saw?
in the theatre?  sherlock holmes II.  i liked.
at home?  eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.  i also liked.

15. if you became a multi-millionaire overnight what would you buy first?
property with a natural water source.  yawn!

16. if you could change one thing about the world regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
seriously harsh and painful punishments for those who abuse animals.  {whoa!  shiz just got serious up in here.}

17. do you like to dance?
very much!

18. imagine your first child is a girl?  what do you call her?
i can't give that away until she is born because i run the risk of some numpties in my life stealing it.

19. would you ever consider living abroad?
england, sweden, maine.

please feel free to copy and post.  leave me a link in the comments so we can compare answers.

discovered via nev on 'a lime less ordinary'