famous egg salad

we do not eat enough fruits and veg in this house.  we are pretty much like five year olds when it comes to vegetables on our plates.  we'll eat it if someone else puts it there so we get dessert but rarely will we prepare any for ourselves.

one of my twelve for twelve resolutions included including more of the good stuff in our diets.

i find that the easiest way to accomplish this is to sneak the veg into some of our favorite recipes  i.e. pizza, soup, stew, goulash, omelets.  i also managed to tweak my famous egg salad to add more veggie goodness.

egg salad {makes four sandwiches}

5 hard boiled eggs - best if left to cool in the refrigerator for an hour or so
a heaping tablespoon of mayonnaise i am in loooove with hellmans
and the magic ingredient,

smash up the eggs with a fork, as fine or as chunky as you like.  add all the other chopped ingredients into the bowl and mix really well with the mayo.  add salt and pepper to taste.  follow your own taste buds for how much of what you want.  spoon onto your bread and eat.  it.  all.  up.

do you have any go-to recipes that allow you to utilize vegetables in a non-obvious way?