thrift - two out of six

each time i visited my favorite thrift i fell in love all over again with this gorgeous print.  the frame is in terrible condition and it was overpriced but in my cart it went, time after time, only to be put back on the shelf with a sigh and a friendly pat.  best wishes for the future and all that.  it was one of a set of three, the other two being unremarkable, though overpriced as well.
last monday was 50% off day and i figured that for sure the set would be scooped up by some lucky person with cash to burn and as much love for this print as i had.  so you can imagine my surprise when i popped in on thursday to find this one lone ranger left on the shelf.  forgiving me for all the times i'd had to leave it behind.
into my cart, buddy.  this time you are coming home with me.
this lovely framed print was also one of a set of three that i uncovered at a different thrift on the same day.  i love the classic but vintage style and the pops of red fit in perfectly in our foyer where i plan to hang it.  
the thing is, the other two were not very striking.  kind of BAD, really.  so i left them behind.  i split up the set.  gah!  am i a bad thrifter?  have a broken a cardinal rule?  was that a jerk move?  these are the thoughts that weigh on me at night.

sidenote: glass framed art is very challenging to photograph.  any tips, tricks or links that you can share would be much appreciated.