dear, month of may

dear, weekend month of may

what the eff happened to us?  where did our bloggy mojo get to? 

maybe it is down by the water, people watching, sipping iced coffee and thinking 'tonight!  tonight imma actually write a blog post instead of just thinking about doing so'.  oh, wait.  that's me.

perhaps it went for an aimless walk, stopped to pet a few dogs, smiled at the neighbours and bought a random but delicious snack of sunflower seeds at the store.  again, me?  oh, dear.

or maybe our mojo went to the movies on a warm night, sat in a dark theater with it's feet up and then enjoyed a meal of old fashioned burger and fries while discussing how freaking awesome the movie was with their date. 

me.  all me.

well, month of may.  it would seem our bloggy mojo has taken a mini vacay, but things are pretty swell anyway.  when it decides to come home we will welcome it with open arms.  until then, let's continue living in the moment rather than stress about recording the moment.  let june be the month where we sit in the heat with the fan blowing and turning out blog posts like it's our job.  let june be a month for reflecting. 

month of may, you are for doing.