thrift - cookies!

it all started with the "cookies" jar.

i am such a sucker for things with writing on them that hold other things.  {makes sense, right?}  so you can imagine the levels of excitement that occurred when i first laid eyes on the perfect little cookie jar.

i mean, it says "cookies" right on it.

while thrifting a few days later i came across the "sugar" and "tea".  both things i use and keep stored in the house.  score.

the "coffee" was stumbled upon in a different thrift store weeks later.  and the "flour" was re-united with the rest of the set at a different time.

some were in better states of cleanliness than others but all have cleaned up beautifully. 

i love that they have all managed to magically find each other once again.  little orphan canisters no more.

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