thrift - #pyrexlove

i have had such horrible no good very bad thrifting luck lately i knew it had to be just a matter of time before the good luck returned.  i was correct!

i popped into the thrift on my way home and before i knew it i had a cart full of treasures.  amazing print fabric i had intention of turning into curtains, a starburst glass water pitcher, a large planter base, an embroidered heart shaped throw pillow...  but i didn't know when {or if} i would ever actually make the curtains, the pitcher was way too expensive, i don't actually have a plant large enough to require such a big base and the pillow was just a little too small.

but i just could not edit these other gems out of the cart.

the pyrex is more avocado in colour than the photo shows and is in wonderful condition.  a fantastic addition to my little serving bowl collection.  *happy dance*

and these pillows, you ask?  they have brought some sorely needed colour to our brownbrownbrown living room.  perfectly sized and complete with zippers for easy cleaning.  hygenic, for the win.

i still kind of regret not picking up that water pitcher, though.

linking up with liz at the blue eyed owl for thrift score thursday