resolutions - spring check in

the last of the winter grey and the beginnings of spring brought some challenges and an equal number of successes.  following are some reflections on my 2013 resolutions.

  • wear skirts & dresses more often
yes!  and no.  i have had a few occasions to wear a skirt that i have and absolutely love but it's kind of formal.  like, job interview and funeral formal.  i intend to invest in some casual skirts and dresses more appropriate for everyday wear.
also, note to self: invest in shoes appropriate for wear with something other than denim.
  • keep regular haircut schedules
yes!  and no.  i am pleased to report that i have found a stylist that i am very comfortable with so that's something.  unfortunately haircuts are expensive, yo.  so good thing i look cute in hats.
  • tweet?  as in, join twitter?
no.  i really don't feel i'd use it enough to bother.  meh.
  • make proper pots of tea instead of just pouring hot water over a tea bag in a mug and then saving that tea bag in a shot glass on the stove to use for the next cup
  • or, at least choose a more attractive container for the used tea bag to rest in
fail on both counts.  old habits die hard.
  • paint the washroom
yes!!!!  we finally got the rental company to have a contractor come in and take care of our mold issue and freshly paint the new ceiling and walls.  he did a crap job though, so i'll now have to touch up the tile line and scrape the "mistakes" off the tile but IT'S PAINTED!!!!!  *cabbage patching in my pajamas*
  • get a fish
not yet.
  • host more parties
i hosted my first ever girl's night in this apartment and i am pretty sure it went well.  much hummus was consumed.  i am looking forward to hosting upcoming dinner parties.
  • fix the laptop to enable skype to chat with lu
not yet.  it's so expensive.  i think i am probably just going to let this one tell me it is ready to go to computer heaven and then invest in a new one.  sorry, girl.
  • visit my grandmother more
i am a horrible person.
  • invest in new tupperware, the old ones are manky
this is probably the easiest one and i haven't done it yet.  what is wrong with me?!?!

  • spend more time with family & friends
  • get outside more
  • continue to work with my psychologist on my anxiety and DO MY HOMEWORK
  • accept invitations
  • increase my income
did you make resolutions?  how are you making out?