thrifty wish list - for the home

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i have been a good girl and have not been thrifting in some time.  instead, inspired by THE WILLIAM MORRIS PROJECT and the list i created to help me feel less overwhelmed by all the to-dos and to-buys needed around the house i created a fun thrifting wish list to keep me on track and make wise choices while thrifting.  of course, one never knows what one will discover upon those shelves but hopefully this list will help keep me away from the dusty vinyl and instead searching for bright colours, quirky prints and quality pieces in the housewares department.

//a larger shoe basket is necessary for the entryway//cheerful prints and colours on dishes to compliment the solid white setting we currently use//a larger than a throw rug-smaller than a full size rug for under the dining room table would separate the living & dining areas and bring colour//proper sized curtains are A MUST for privacy and security//good quality towels with cute prints would justify finally purging the threadbare ones we currently use//a new shower curtain would just be nice//most of our bed linens are becoming worn and need to be replaced//i would like to find a small dish to corral brian's jewellery//

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