• shared some beautiful RABBIT THEMED PIECES found on etsy as an alternative to real bunnies as easter presents - because live bunnies are hard work but cozy sweatshirts and beautiful art is easy on the soul
  • assembled another fun LINKS I HEART post featuring goodness from around the interwebs
  • finally caved and purchased the VINTAGE ART that had been waiting for me at my favorite thrift
  • weighed the PROS & CONS of using a new reader when i made the switch to BLOGLOVIN
  • found a simple, inexpensive, attractive and practical way to store extra cutlery with a THRIFTED TIN
  • was rewarded for my good thrift etiquette with a GORGEOUS THROW PILLOW
  • took pen to paper and made a list inspired by THE WILLIAM MORRIS PROJECT

i also made my first visit to an actual target.  so, that happened.