thrift - hello, beautiful

despite my complete lack of storage space there was something about this perfect condition teapot that i could not pass up when thrifting last week.  lovely lines and perfect finish.  she's just so pretty.  so i MADE room. 

i justified it by telling myself she would be the first piece in a new collection.  {yes, brian's face fell into his palm when he heard the words "new" and "collection" together.  poor dear.}

a while ago i bookmarked this post by 'the vintage cabin' and i just keep going back for the eye candy.  it's like pottery porn.  consider me inspired.
just for fun i did some googling to see what i could learn about this particular piece.  long story short it's authentic vintage by a well known and respected company.  apparantly she is valued at quite a bit more than the $6.99 i splurged to make her part of my new ENGLISHBROWNSPECKLED collection.  hopefully the first of many many more. poor, poor brian.

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