thrift - controversy

for a thrifting post, this is just chock full of controversy.
first(ly?)  as i am currently earning no money there is no money available for pleasure thrifting **sobs silently into pillow** so i am on a strict self-imposed shopping ban.  but the other day while loading groceries into my mum's vehicle i heard THE CALLING from the thrift store and in we went and this gem was uncovered and like the jerk i am i brazenly asked "mum, will you buy this for me?".  
so, the question is this, is it cheating on my thrifting ban by having someone else splash out the ninety-nine cents?  did i break my own rule by entering the store in the first place?  should i have sacrificed the mug to be a big girl and only buy what i can afford or was the jerk move justified?  gah.
second(ly?)  is this mug in any way offensive or is it a lovely piece of pop culture history?  i mean, i would for sure still drink from a mug that celebrated the one time union of amy poehler and will arnett.  or don johnson and melanie griffith for that matter.  heck, even donald and ivana.  if it is offensive than my grandmother's hutch has some serious explaining to do for its contents.

and lastly, is it the sacrilege that brian seems to think it is that i enjoyed coffee out of this mug instead of a strong breakfast tea?  i don't see the issue but apparently it warranted some serious tutting and side-eye.  help me see the issue here, people.
one little mug.  so many moral dilemmas.

THRIFT TIP  listen to THE CALL.  it will pick its moments and reward your patience.  this time last year i was on a self-imposed thrifting ban when i heard THE CALL and was rewarded with this PYREX HAUL.  awesome.