you should be... watching these television shows

in my old age i've become much more particular about what i actually sit down to watch (as opposed to puttering around the house doing small chores while a program plays in the background or brian has a sporting event on).  for these shows i make an effort to grab and drink and a snack and watch all the way through.

one: i really wanted to not like this show but i watched it and  I DID!  i mean, i do.  i really, really do.  i've not read the book yet so i don't know how it compares to the novel.  any feedback on that?  also, it's so bright and charming and fun to watch i am willing to overlook the continuity errors in comparison to 'sex & the city'.  i just roll with it.
two:  brilliant.  hilarious.  heart wrenching.  moving on.
three:  john is a joan, clydestone is a turtle, it's set in new york not london, and the captain is far from bumbling.  but it's endlessly entertaining and television magic.  i love it.
four: THE DOCTOR!!!  and i am looking forward to meeting the new companion.  she's spunky.

what shows do you put the kettle on for?