thrift - breaking up

i think i need to break up with my thrift store.

we've had some great times and great finds in the past but lately it seems the bad times are outnumbering the good.  and the bad has gotten BAD.

i don't really think my expectations are out of line -- and i am fully aware it is a thrift store.  you expect a level of disorganization {sometimes the best finds are the ones you find in places you wouldn't expect them... like an amazing vintage satchel left in the book aisles, but i digress} and chaos.  and you even understand that sometimes there will be no good stock.  it's luck of the draw, after all.  it's thrifting.  you get it.

but when the customer service becomes the problem you start to wonder why you bother.  when the manager always looks like someone just farted and your polite inquiries are treated with disdain and blatant rudeness you wonder.  when the cashiers move at a speed which makes you question whether it is blood or molasses that flow through their veins you wonder.  and when you witness an item SNATCHED from your mother's hands by yet another rude employee you wonder {and by wonder i mean fly into a red hot psychotic rage} if it is worth it anymore.

the final straw came the other day when i found a chocolate brown perfect condition wool camping blanket.

with no tag.

of course.

when i politely inquired {and you better believe i was polite, i work in customer service and know how much farther good manners will get you} as to whether i could have a tag made up i was treated with such disgusting rudeness i thought "SWEAR WORD THIS!!!!"


i feel like i have given this relationship all that i have to give for now.  i have moved on and am attempting a separation.  i have begun seeing other stores.  maybe in the future my thrift and i will become friends again but for now i just cannot be bothered.

oh, i found the cute little frame pictured at the top of this post at my new favorite local thrift.  it was a dollar and actually matched another frame i already have.  so that explains the top photo of my adorable rabbit in a nice thrifted frame.

have you ever had to break up with a place?  am i being unreasonable?  should i suffer through the terrible customer service in the hopes of some amazing finds or should i just move on?

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