thrift - disco roller skating crime fighting babe

i collect comics.  {comics, not graphic novels.  i fully embrace my twelve year old self.}

some people collect milkglass, some collect owls or pyrex.  me... i collect comics.


i mean, i have no idea or care of the "value" of an issue.  i don't concern myself with the "collectability" of a piece.  like a good paperback with a cracked spine i believe comics want to be loved.  removed from the plastic and thumbed through.  the old paper smell appreciated and the ink smudged from quickly turned pages, the reader anxious to find out what happens next.
my collection is a bit rag-tag but i love it.  like with any other collection for me i enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  yard sales and flea markets.  thrift store scores.  matching what i find with what i have.  or discovering something new.  like a little chip in a pyrex bowl, a folded corner or tear doesn't bother me but rather adds character to a well-loved page.

usually i will find issues piece by piece or a few at a time but this haul came as a, well, haul.  fifty-eight separate issues filled with continuing stories and new characters and colour filled pages to spend an afternoon immersed in.  fifty-eight comics for less than the cost of a grande frappe from starbucks.  hate me if you must.
gimme a good story and pretty pictures any day.  and a disco roller skating crime fighting babe.

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