remember in my last CAPSULE COLLECTION post when i said i would be next be tackling pants in my attempt to create an effortless and downsized wardrobe?  big forehead smacks over here!  why didn't i say i would be taking on belts?  or skirts (i own three for those keeping count)?  or something that wouldn't involve me shaving my legs on our canadian version of juno?  but i had committed and so it goes.

this post is focusing on my fallen soldiers - the ones that didn't make it back into the drawer - specifically *the why* they found themselves in the donate bag - in the hopes of avoiding the same mistakes in the future.

>i remember buying the two pair of trousers on the left for a dollar a piece with the intention of having them hemmed.  didn't happen.  not gonna happen.  the cut is fabulous (very AGENT CARTER, very FOYLES WAR) but in my excitement to have some high-waisted pleated trousers i made excuses for the stain on the front of the pink and the sheerness of the beige.  i need to start thinking of my wardrobe pieces as an investment instead of a bargain.  

>the leggings on top still give me heart eyes on the hanger.  hello, houndstooth print and pleather "pockets", let's be friends!  but the fit leaves much to be desired with a rise way too low for my body.  there is no shortage of legging options out there, i just need to find some that work for me instead of settling.

>i have to admit to twice going back the donate bag to remove the lighweight wide leg denims but each time i remembered the wrong fit that found them in the bag in the first place and left them where they were.  although the material is perfect for summer heat the rise is way too low and the pockets sit in a seriously unflattering way limiting the style of shirts they can be worn with. byyyyyye!
>there is not really much to say about this final four.  clockwise from top left... the colour doesn't really go with anything in my current collection, weird crotch thing, too small and even smaller.  these four were the easiest to purge of the bunch but trying them on was necessary in order to *see* why they relegated to the very bottom of the pile.  and, as THIS PICTURE can attest, it is a very large pile indeed.

final thoughts: i began this purging process with 28 pair of pants.  28!!!  and it seems i managed to say good-by to... eight pair?  only eight?  no, that can't be right.  it feels like more.  clearly this is a more difficult process than i had originally thought.  okay, i choose to see this not as a failure but as a learning opportunity - something i can revisit and attempt again using what i learned during this first go round.  but at least i got my legs shaved.  so there's that.