a few weeks ago my mum gave me the heads up that our ANNUAL BAZAAR was approaching and they were seeking donations and volunteers for sorting and booth working.  i had a very full week scheduled so i was disappointed that i could not volunteer for the sorting (first dibs, what!) but donations i could handle.  or so i thought.

it seems the "out box" used for easy purging has been doing *too good* a job as of late.  combined with my lack of thrifting i was all "whoops! i may have spoken too soon" when committing to donations. but every bit counts so i flung open the cupboards and drawers and got to work.  i managed to fill a box with odds and ends and felt pretty good about it.
but at the last minute i got the lightbulb above my head (you know the one you usually get in the thrift aisles when you think of a use for something and you fancy yourself all clever and stuff?) and pulled these canisters out of the donate box and re-purposed them as holders for our packaged goods in the pantry.

originally thrifted years ago purely for decoration i realized that they would actually be handy for organizing.  i know that pinterest would make it pretty but i needed useful and they serve their purpose wonderfully.  the pantry has a door for a reason, right?

so i posted on INSTAGRAM about re-purposing "can't stop, won't stop".  i now amend that to re-purposing *and* thrifting, "can't stop, won't stop".  because you never know what you will find you need until you realize that you already found it.  

you know what i mean.