links i heart

i have missed blogging.  there, said it.

here's a comeback post featuring some internet goodness.  LINKS I HEART posts have always been a fan favorite so i hope you enjoy.
  • lola eats better than we do - a LIST OF FRUITS & VEG that are safe for rabbits' delicate tummies
  • because you never know what you will find at the thrift - GORGEOUS WIRE CHAIRS spotted by the eagle eyed sherry of YOUNG HOUSE LOVE
  • indoor plants are my latest obsession so THIS POST is my jam; interior design, gorgeous photography and thrifted finds
  • i dare you not to fall in love with this RESCUE PUP'S sweet face, or the HOUSE OF HUMBLE blog in general
  • practical and fair PARENTING ADVICE
  • i actually work for a clothing retailer with a plus department and found THIS POST really inspiring
  • joann shared some of her VINTAGE BOOK COLLECTION  and the conversation inevitably turned towards typeface, graphics and the smell of old books.  so pleased i am not the only weirdo book sniffer out there.
  • i am experiencing full-on SHOWER ENVY
  • add to that some FLOOR ENVY from this gorgeous belgian apartment
  • i have sorta kinda made friends again with PINTEREST - feeling inspired, not overwhelmed... for the time being
  • each spring i fall in love with scarves all over again and THIS HOW-TO is packed with tutorial goodness made easy - just click on the photo of a style you like and it automatically redirects you to a video of simple instructions.  amazing!

  • more sunshine
  • discovering money in your pocket
  • compliments from a co-worker
  • treating oneself to chinese delivery
  • holding small babies
please leave me a link to your latest post!  i would love to check it out and, you never know, maybe it will find its way onto the next links i heart list.