blogger, heal thyself

if i even hear the word "fever" i'm all "feelmyforeheadamihot?" whereas  brian very rarely gets sick.  but when he does, it's a doozy.  and it's been quite a doozy round here for the past few days.  poor guy.
being the hypochondriac that i am i am always looking for ways to prevent catching what's going round.  here is what i have found works for me (even if just to put my mind to ease);
  • wash.  your.  hands.  just do it.
  • lots of hot tea (the hotter the better because i always imagine that i am BURNING the germs as it goes down my throat.  mind over matter.)
  • honey in said tea to soothe and coat the throat and disinfect
  • lemon in said tea to BURN AND KILL the germs (i show no mercy)
  • change pillowcases each day
  • wash all bedding, towels, throw rugs and throw pillows which may be holding germs.  also, all kitchen linens like tea towels and such.  so basically, everything that can go in the washer, does.
  • boil toothbrushes
  • crap television works to heal you better than quality programming.  for example, when your head is pounding and your nose is running and you are aching all over watching ANTM is going to make you feel much better than watching downton abbey.  it's scientifically proven.
  • nap whenever possible.  even if you don't feel sick just nap whenever possible.
i would love to hear any tips and tricks that work for you and your household.  let's all win the war this cold & flu season.

update:  since writing this post i caught the stinking cold.  i suck.  but i felt much better after making a fort on the couch and watching a 'tabatha's salon takeover' marathon.  i told you, it's science.