of lightness

this week brought some pros and cons, highs and lows, when it came to participating in my 'william morris project' hosted by jules at 'pancakes and french fries'.

the pros came in the form of lovely weather, thrifting luck, fresh air picnics... a springlike thirst to inhale the clean air and soak in the short bursts of sun.  outside activities that do not allow much time to stay inside and, say, clean the light switches with a wet cotton swab.  just saying.

the con was the projects-be-damned attitude that came with such a feeling of lightness and irresponsibility.  but come today while between laundry cycles i decided enough was enough and felt the unerring urge to actually accomplish a project, any project, from my mental 'wmp project to-do list'.

the nasty ceiling fan would do just fine.



a vaccum and a quick wipe down and it was done.  no big revelation came from this one.  no feeling of relief, no huge sense of personal growth. 

sometimes home projects, large or small, bring with them a sense of accomplishment akin to taking a deep breath of fresh air.  and sometimes it's better to just go outside and actually breathe the fresh air.  the light switches and cotton swabs can wait for a rainy day.