thrift - good intentions

spoiler: i have an upcoming post dedicated to the art of walking the fine line between thrifter/collector/hoarder.  i preach a little about intentional purchasing.  buy only what you love, only what you need and only what you already have a place and use for.  basically, following the principles set forth by william morris whose famous quote is the inspiration for the william morris project over at 'pancakes & french fries' which i follow with great passion but post only sporadically about here.

but of course with every (admittedly long-winded and drawn out explanation and) rule comes a reason to break it.  this adorable little measuring cup broke all my rules when i discovered it at the thrift the other day. 

i have no need for yet another measuring cup/spoon in the kitchen.  and it doesn't even match the kitchen colours.  so that let that out.  and without a need for another measuring cup and no space for it in the kitchen i had no other choice but to turn to the third "rule": buy only what you absolutely love.
i lurved it.

so i broke two rules and followed a non-rule and spent the dollar for my adorable tin measuring cup with no home.

which now lives in the washroom proudly holding our toothbrushes and toothpaste.

sometimes you have to break/make your own rules and live life on the edge.  also, follow your heart.  it's a dollar for pete's sake.

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