rose nylund is my homegirl (thrift)

as i was taking these photos for this post brian walked into the room and asked,
"what's with the thinking face?"
to which i of course replied,
"i'm trying to figure out if this blouse is more rose nylund or sophia petrillo".
::blank stare::
to which i of course continued,
"i mean, the print is so rose, but the cut is very sofia."
"either way, i am definitely calling this my golden girls blouse"
to which he finally replied,
"is this conversation seriously happening?"
::blouse:: thrifted  ::layered necklaces:: gifted from daddy
::coloured skinnies & pocket cardi:: reitmans
but because i am not a fifty five year old woman living in miami i chose to wear it with some teal coloured skinnies and a rust coloured cardigan.  (although, i feel like blanche could have rocked some teal skinnies really well.  lady had gams.)

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