thrift - london calling

someone somewhere at some time was wonderful enough to attach a small hanger to the back of this souvenir trivet and then leave it at a thrift store for me to find and bring into our home.  thank you, someone.

my favorite of all the little details have to be the "chelsea pentioners".  i've no idea what it means but they are so random and cute there little red pops of colour make me lol {kay, not really OUT LOUD.  they're not that funny.} smile.

speaking of pops of red, somehow our entryway has become a home to quite a few.  the collection of personal photos, homemade art and thrift store finds has grown and developed organically and it's such fun adding new bits.  i love that our new piece chose me to dig it out of the thrift bins and find it's home with us.  inside the photoshopped circle, btw.

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