thrift - glitter &gold

next week i will be attending a wedding so i needed a clutch large enough to hold all the accoutrement that attending a wedding requires.  camera, credit card, hotel keycard, mini vodka bottles, blister plasters.... 

the dress i had intended to wear was a very basic black so when i discovered this amazing late eighties gem i knew i had pay dirt.  it was perfect size, had a tuck away strap and the entire thing SPARKLED.
some bad mojo has since occurred with the intended dress and this bag doesn't match the new one but i feel better about life knowing that i have a sparkly go-to clutch purse among my possessions.  crazy, right?  or not.

and because i cannot get this song out of my head, a little glitter & gold ditty by jem and the holograms.  you're welcome.

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