this outfit, or a version of it

i wore this outfit to work on saturday. 

truth be told, i wear this outfit, or a version of it, to do most things on most days.  soft blouses, tailored pants, crisp denims and serviceable flats with bits and pieces of trend thrown in for good measure.

maybe it's a sign that i've grown up a bit, or maybe i honestly fear that my mother will keep her word when she proclaims "if you buy one more pair of sweatpants i will move into your spare room and ruin your life" but i find myself opting for more of an age appropriate look more often than an i just rolled out of bed and will be late for class but imma grab this starbucks first look that i rocked in the recent past.

the issue for me came to a head when i turned thirty and started questioning the age appropriateness of my clothing.  i mean, how does one present themselves and their look as "current" or "trendy" without looking juvenile and silly?  and without a bit of whimsy in our wardrobes don't we run the risk of buying a house and settling down in frumpsville?

it's been a challenge trying to balance age appropriateness with lifestyle needs with body changes with comfort, with budget, etc, etc, etc.  but i've embraced it and i think i've finally found a good balance.  and truthfully i am having fun dressing like a grown up.  kind of.

because there is no way in the name of all things righteous i am giving up my star wars t-shirts.

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