this post was written a thousand times in my head.  i am not one to take to my soapbox very often {well, using this blog as a forum at any rate} but the fact that i have one particular something weighing on my mind this many days later has me feeling a need to vent.

recently there has been a general feeling of malaise around the blogosphere.  bloggers lamenting that they are feeling a burnout, overwhelmed at the expectations that have been set to post well, post often, post about your perfectly clean home amazing kids creative crafts and relaxing family vacations all while dressed to kill, even if only heading out to trader joe's to collect supplies for a nutritious delicious and beautifully photographed recipe post.  not only are we putting pressure on each other to create "perfect" content but now thanks to "feedback" such as this we are now expected to create a "perfect" blog.

in the past i have read some very helpful posts and forums about creating a reader friendly and attractive blog design while still maintaining your own unique voice and personality.  there are upteen bloggers who are more than happy to help newer bloggers with navigating not only blogging etiquette but also the main staples of getting to know html code.  a community based on supporting each other actually, er, supporting each other.

but now i stumble more and more on articles, posts and forums like this {yes i linked it twice.  it pissed me off.} where a question is posed in order for the answers to provide feedback and help but soon turns into an old fashioned claws out bitch fest. 
who are we to make fun of others because of a blog layout?  is it hurting you?  your sense of style perhaps, but physically?  no.  has it offended you?  aside from your eyes, i mean.  have your civil liberties, religious beliefs or political freedoms been offended?  if the answer is no, then shut up and go away.  seriously, just go away.
personal full disclosure: if your blog bombards me with celtic chimes or sum 41 the second i log on and your curlicue font is yellow typed on a red background and every second post is a  link party then chances are i will not be following your blog.  but you can also bet your hat that i won't be hiding behind my computer screen making fun of you either.  just the same as if you log onto this blog and spend your precious time counting pixels or being offended that i have chosen jpg then you are not the kind of reader that i care to interact with.  if my white space, cell phone photos and unjustified font gets your blood pressure up and ruins your day then move on.  please.

i love being a part of blogging.  i love that i can follow the lives of wonderful, strong women like erica, lu, sarah and jules.  women whose lives and {gasp!} blog designs could not be more different but who all share strength of character and being generally kickass.  these are the kind of women who would appreciate a cute blog layout but also look past and actually connect with the words.  these are not the kind of women to point at their computer screens and roll their eyes at your choice of colour scheme.

lest you think i have strayed away from my original point let me come full circle.  lets stop feeling pressure to provide perfection.  let your blog be yours and a reflection of you.  let's get back to the original supportive and caring element of blogging and tell those who feel the need to make fun and BULLY to get off their soapboxes.  and now i get off mine.