thrift - yes, there is pyrex

i apologize in advance for the overdose of of photo editing in this week's 'thrift' post... but have you tried picmonkey yet?  seriously.  get on that.  it's so much fun.
ice blue with studs, this guess wallet is like a little money holding mullet.  business by day, party all night.  or something like that.  also, an aldo skinny belt for a dollar.  score.
i have been having the best #pyrexlove luck lately!  i discovered another serving bowl in my beloved avocado and proceeded to happy dance in the aisles.  jiggity jig.  my mother pretended not to know me and i guarded my cart the rest of the way to the checkout like a feral jackal protecting her young.  fellow thrifters, do you feel me?
a while back i scored one of these gorgeous corelle starburst serving carafes but gifted it to brian's mum when she asked to borrow it for a party.  it came to mind again a few weeks ago when i saw through the doe or the deer's instagram that jess was using a very similar one to serve iced water with fresh mint from the garden.**  last week i came across a smaller version of this one that they were asking six dollars for... passed it up and was rewarded for my cheapness patience with this beauty for three.  i rock at being awesome.

and so do picmonkey and thrifting.

(**as amazing as that sounds who are we kidding here.  we all know i am gonna fill this sucka with iced coffee, stick a straw in it and go on with my day.)

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