thrift - a tisket, a tasket

i have an addiction.  i cannot seem to stop thrifting baskets.  they're just so darn practical.

the issue then becomes what do you do with them.  the problem is not that they are not useful but that they are sometimes too useful. 

take for instance the larger black basket.  i thought that with the sturdy handle it would be perfect for storing and carrying around cleaning supplies.  brilliant, right?  but then i noticed the raised feet and thought, why don't i use it for towel storage in the washroom?  no must, no fuss!  {wordplay intentional.}

and the smaller basket was originally intended for keeping all the dry sauce and noodle packages organized in the pantry...
...but then this happened.  i just roll with it.

it's not as if the basket aisle at the thrifts are lacking in awesome.

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