it's nice to look nice sometimes

dress, alfred sung pure // tights, ??? // flats, ??? // chipped nail colour, ardene
easy on and off.  that's what you want to wear to a clothes swap.  all the better to try items on quickly before somebody else calls dibs on that amazing pair of high waisted jeans you've been eyeing.

but i always wear comfy clothes.  and i never go out.

so i was making the most of my evening.  i was wearing a dress.

it worked out perfectly.  i slipped pants on underneath and eyeballed tops.  come on, they're shirts.  they'll be fine.  cardis were a no brainer.  accessories could be tried on with ease.  shoes, hats, boots, necklaces... no problem.  genius.

plus, i felt a little like joan from mad men.  it's nice to look nice sometimes.

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