on instagram...
"Try it out! I really have fun over there. The kind of fun where you take pictures of your lunch or shoes or pets, so, keep your expectations in check."

and then i laughed.  because it's funny.  because it's true. 

i have been using an android version of instagram now for some time called mytubo.  you took a photo, you edited it and then... looked at it later saved in your phone?  but now that instagram is available for android {and you better believe i jumped on that bandwagon asap!  username chrissyglover} there is a whole new social networking community to discover.  an exciting prospect, to be sure, but with it bringing an entire new set of rules and secret handshakes to learn.

when all i really want to do is take pictures of my lunch, shoes and pet.

and then post them for all the world to see.