thrift - ahoy, matey

i seem to thrift in "themes".  the other day when unpacking my thrifting spoils i noticed that the "theme" of the day seemed to be "nautical".  well, i guess "blue" could be a theme but... just no. "nautical" it remains.

my favorite find of the day was the eighties-style canvas tote with the soft heavy handles.  but my best bargain of the day had to be the ben hogan shorts i found for brian.  the tags were still attached and the original price was $105.

again, just... no.

they came home with me for a whopping twelve less 30% from a coupon i used.  everything pictured came to around twenty dollars total.  there were some other great finds for the day but they didn't fit the "theme".  it's not like i theme thrift on purpose or anything.  'cause that would be weird.
THRIFT TIP: usually i wouldn't spend as much as twelve dollars for thrifted shorts, even with the coupon, but since the tag was still attached it was easy to see what a great value i was getting.  it pays to know regular retail price, especially when you are considering brand names, to gauge whether something on the thrift store rack is priced fairly.  if you are interested in an item but don't agree with the price, it doesn't hurt to politely ask for an adjustment.

i am attempting to compile the world's greatest 'links i heart' collection of thrifting/car-booting/yard-saleing/dumpster diving/etc. tips posts.  have you written one (or more)?  have a great one bookmarked?  please leave me the link in the comments.  i look forward to sharing.