thrift - copycat

the last time i took a trip to target there was a very fashionable young lady with great style who was carrying an extremely fetching purse.  it was oversized, but still chic with its classic coloured leather and simple clasping.  it also, i discovered when i asked her, cost over one hundred dollars.

moving on.

so there are one hundred dollar nice bags for fashionable young ladies in target, and then there are three dollar copycat bags discovered at the thrift store for me.  i love its lines, its colour and that someone has already broken it in to the perfect slouch.  i also love the extra ninety-seven dollars in my account that i can use towards the gorgeous floral duvet cover i also saw at target.

THRIFT TIP:  if you love it chances are someone else has at one time or another.  be inspired by what you see - street style, pinterest, magazines and films - and then see how much you can save by finding it at the thrifts.  or just treat yourself to the real thing and do without starbucks for twenty days.