thrifting holy grail (hudsons bay point blanket)

i don't know when it started exactly, this vintage wool camping blanket collection of mine but it's evolved into the something that i look for each time i thrift - the "thing" that brings the greatest thrill when a new piece is discovered to add to the collection.  when they find me.  my thrifting holy grail.
and when it comes to wool camping blankets is there any item more coveted than the style of the official hudson's bay point blanket?  it's a piece of canadiana that is right up there with antler coat hooks and plaid print thermoses - thermi?
for me they bring images and feelings of comfort, tradition and family.  items meant to be both stored and cherished.  so imagine my thrill when these beauties came to me, not as thrift finds, but as family pieces gifted to me from brian's mom. *cue ugly crying*  

my new thrifting holy grail has become a vintage wool camping blanket in brown.  also, the hbc colour striped toggle button jacket.  because i know you were wondering.

THRIFT TIP:  never give up hope.  the best things will find their way to you - no matter what road they take.

what is your "holy grail"?  the piece of all pieces for your collection?