thrift - pressies

we all know that i love giving thrifted gifts.  it is so much fun to hone in on that perfect something that makes you instantly think of someone you care about and know that it will certainly make them smile - preloved or not.
but what happens during those winter months with the holidays approaching when you hone in on something on the thrift store shelves that makes YOU smile?  how do you get rid of the guilt of buying another great thrifted something for yourself when you've budgets to stick to and pressies for others to discover?
why, you get them anyway and ask your mum to stick them in your christmas sac.  that's how.
and if you are anything like me, by the time christmas morning comes you've forgotten about them and you get the high of the thrifted find all over again.

THRIFT TIP: gifts, like thrifting, should be a balanced mix of the useful and practical and stuff that just plain makes you HAPPY.  or maybe not so balanced.  eighty-twenty for happiness, then?