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On a particularly unrelated note.....

I just got a text from my friend Rachel.

She asked if I had heard of this British Mini Series.

Have you?  Is it good? Send a review, please?

Nevermind. I don't care if I know nothing of it.  I'm purchasing it on good marketing alone. Look at the cover! Adorable!  It's from the BBC!  They do no wrong!  Right now, in fact, I'm buying it.  I have a small amount of rat money, from babysitting, and it's in my Amazon shopping cart.  It's happening. 

I'll let you know what I think {or would you even be interested?}.
- CRIMSON TO WOOL on CALL THE MIDWIFE by jennifer worth
post-publish edit:  how fortuitous!  remember the liz i mentioned with the fantastic blog design resource post?  well, she's hosting a blog hop.  so link up below and have fun discovering new blogs and more posts to heart.