dear weekend

dear weekend
last weekend you sucked so hardcore** that i didn't even write you a letter.  this visit you have been much more to my liking and so i want to write to thank you for the following

  • proper cream in my coffee
  • the satisfaction of all the dishes done
  • just before rain smells drifting through the window and,
  • the pvr filled with films i actually want to watch.
i had good intentions of starting you with a morning filled with yard sales but instead you began with catching up on some much needed refreshing sleep.  bliss.  cupcakes for breakfast to tide me over before a two o'clock brunch of brian's famous fry-up complete with homemade fried potato.  you promise to continue to be the kind of relaxing weekend that leaves my instagram un-updated.
because how do you take a photo of me playing castleville and napping.