delicate hands

courtesy weird amiga
for no particular reason last week had me feeling... blah.  nothing i could put my finger on, just a case of the grumps, i guess.

one bright spot, however, came to me in the form of this adorable little package courtesy of anabel at weird amiga.

each piece is a paper sculpture.  a tiny 3-d work of art that calls for delicate hands.  like peeling an onion, each layer i unwrapped brought a little gasp of surprise and a smile.  adorable illustrations, gorgeous rich colours and amazing texture.

little packages like these make me happy and i would love to pass the feeling on.  be the first to email me at misschrissyg@yahoo.ca with your address and i will mail you your own paper sculpture.  just be sure to write "i heart snail mail" in the subject line so i know you're not spam.  *even if you're not first i would love to send some snail mail your way.  i just guarantee that the stationary used won't be as awesome as this.

and to those who played along with my last snail mail project, i have finally gotten my butt to the post office so be expecting your hello stationary soonish.  sorry.  i hope yours arrives with the same perfect timing that this piece did to brighten my day.